I loved Kamila’s inviting approach to this plant-based experience and now, I feel more confident to make consious decisions about my health and the health of my family.

Kamila is a not only a wonderful cook and a competent teacher, but also someone who kindly addresses all individual questions and doubts and puts her whole heart into what she does. I am highly recommending this program to all my friends and family and looking forward to fruther culinary retreats with Chef Kamila.”

Dilyana Hunley, Read more

I can feel the difference in my body, my children like the food as we grown ups do and almond milk in my oats are a very delicious start into the new day.

Chef Kamila explains how food is behaving in our body, what nutrition and fibers different food contains, which of them our body needs in which quantity. She shows alternatives to the standard way of cooking that are both: fast and easy to prepare and delicious. And she does all of this in an inspiring, charming and never dogmatic way.”

Arabell Watzlawik, Read more

“Taking part in the Kickstart Your Health course really had an impact on my food lifestyle. I feel lighter and more body conscious.

Given the circumstances that someone in my family was suffering cancer and becoming aware of that nutrition was one main fact having a high impact I decided I should dive deeper into that topic, for myself but also for my whole family. Setting a good example for my beautiful girls and especially educate them about a healthy lifestyle too. I really enjoy that feeling when I more “vegan style” and it actually encourages me to stick to this much more healthy lifestyle that I have gained thanks to the Kickstart Your Health course with Chef Kamila! Thank you for being such an inspiring chef!”

Anja Grahl, Read more

Join my 4-class Food For Life Kickstart Your Health, an award winning program.

Learn how to stay healthy by cooking and eating nutrient dense foods.
Feel full in your tummy, light & energized in your body !

Special offer:

Beside the classes You can join the 21-day vegan challenge and springtime detox in May

Knowing how to cook is one thing, understanding how to design a therapeutic diet that works to promote and restore health requires another skill set.

This course is about maintaining healthy lifestyle by understanding how nutrition works in our body and how we can use it to stay healthy!

Is this class for me? Yes, if you want:

  • To learn about plant-based nutrition in order to understand how what you eat influence your health, weight and the way you feel in your body.

  • Detox your body after winter and enter spring with much lighter and more energetic self.

  • To reduce meet consumption by including more vegetables through simple, quick yet delicious recipes.

  • To bring healthier way of eating into your family in a natural and tasty way.

  • To feel full and light in your body after each meal.

  • To loose some weight without counting calories, in case of overweight.

  • To have clear skin.

  • To get read off migraines.

  • Prevent/survive/reverse chronic diseases in your body, such us: diabetes type 2, cancer, obesity, digestive illnesses, cardiovascular problems.

This one-of-a-kind 4-class series offers you a ‘food as medicine’ experience as well as allows you to directly translate complex scientific nutrition information into simple and delicious plant-based meals that you can easily repeat at home.

Should you choose to participate, you will receive an exceptional an interactive lectures, followed by a cooking demonstrations with hands on experience and a food tasting. You will leave the classes with a comprehensive nutrition essentials literature kit that includes recipes and menus.

The workshops are part of the award-winning Food For Life Program designed by doctors and registered dietitians from Physician Committee For Responsible Medicine to promote health and fight disease (prevent, survive, reverse).


How much does it cost?

Price: 129 EUR for a complete 4-class series/person via PayPal or 39600 HUF via bank transfer.

Why 4-class series?

It is scientifically proven that the more classes attendees take together and the longer they learn about healthy eating, the more likely they stick with what they have learned and make healthy changes last. Also, there is nothing more magical that newly met friends who support each other along the way during this program!

It is like being part of a “mini retreat” every single time you meet.

Send registration to: kamila@chefkamila.com

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