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Cook for wellness with Food For Life Kickstart Your Health, an award winning program.
Learn how to stay healthy by cooking and eating nutrient dense foods.
Feel full in your tummy, light & energized in your body !

Depending on your perspective, Kickstart Your Health can be about weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight, or simply embracing an overall healthful diet. The guiding principle of the program has been choosing the right foods as opposed to restricting amounts and counting calories. Lower cholesterol level, better diabetes control, lower blood pressure, as well as improvements in energy and mood are some of the many benefits people on this diet experience.

This course is about maintaining healthy lifestyle by understanding how nutrition works in our body and how we can use it to stay healthy! 

Discover the world of health through various health-related topics, including blood pressure and digestion, learn which foods are optimal for weight management, and get empowered with the practical cooking skills needed to help you on your journey to better health. In my classes, attendees do all of the above while enjoying a cooking demonstration and tasting delicious, healthful dishes in a supportive group setting. Results are likely to be immediate and impressive!

The classes work to translate complex scientific nutrition information into simple and easy meals. Each Food for Life nutrition and cooking class features the following:

  • presentation with a short video by Dr. Neal Bernard
  • a quiz and Q&A
  • a cooking demo with 3 recipes & tasting
  • participants takes home the recipes and educational materials


How much does it cost?

Single class: 30 EUR/class

Package price: 150 EUR for all 7 classes in the series. Save 60 EUR and receive a special gift in the last class!

Why purchase the package?

It is scientifically proven that the more classes attendees take together and the longer they learn about healthy eating, the more likely they stick with what they have learned and make healthy changes last.


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