4-class Kickstart Your Health Program with cooking & eating + BONUS


Class 1: 27th March, from 10AM – 12:30PM
Class 2: 3rd April, from 10AM – 12:30PM
Class 3: 10th April, from 10AM – 12:30PM
Class 4: 17th April, from 10AM – 12:30PM




4-class Kickstart Your Health Program with cooking & eating
BONUS: 21-day vegan challenge and springtime detox

Knowing how to cook is one thing, understanding how to design a therapeutic diet that works to promote and restore health requires another skill set.

This one-of-a-kind 4-class series offers you a ‘food as medicine’ experience as well as allows you to directly translate complex scientific nutrition information into simple and easy meals.

Should you choose to participate, you will receive an exceptional an interactive lecture, followed by a cooking demonstration and a food tasting. You will leave the classes with a comprehensive nutrition essentials literature kit that includes recipes and menus.

Is this class for me? Yes, if you want:

1. To learn about plant-based nutrition to understand how what you eat influence your health and the way you feel
2. Detox your body after winter and enter spring with much lighter and more energetic self
2. To reduce meet consumption by including more vegetables through simple, quick yet delicious recipes
3. To bring healthier way of eating into your family in a natural and tasty way
4. To feel full and light in your body after each meal
5. To loose some weight without counting calories, in case of overweight
6. To have clear skin
7. To get read off migraines
8. Prevent/survive/reverse chronic diseases in your body, such us: diabetes type 2, cancer, obesity, digestive illnesses, cardiovascular problems.


Class 1: 27th March (Wednesday), from 10AM – 12:30PM
During this introductory class, we will look at factors in foods for effective weight management and discuss how and why plant-based diets are beneficial for health in a multitude of ways. I will share suggestions and tips for plant-based breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks.
We will learn the „Power Plate” of 4 food groups and their importance on our health. Based on that we will create weekly menu planner. We will get an access to 21-Day vegan challenge with recipes, grocery list and videos and have one week to prepare for it with my support. We will make 3 whole plant-based, free from added oils meals.

Class 2: 3rd April (Wednesday), from 10AM – 12:30PM
We will learn how to choose the right products – label reading, knowing where to shop. Foods to avoid and enjoy.
How to dine out while eating whole plant-based foods.
Ideas for meal ordering will be shared.
Discussing the importance of including different foods based on “nutrition rainbow”.
Official start of 21 Day Vegan Challenge.
We will make 3 whole plant-based, free from added oils meals.

Class 3:10th April (Wednesday), from 10AM – 12:30PM
Food addiction – we will learn about how certain foods makes us almost addictive to and why it is so hard to change our eating habits and how to break free. We will discuss the keys for natural appetite control.
We will make 3 whole-plant based, free from added oils recipes.

Class 4: 17th April (Wednesday), from 10AM – 12:30PM
During this class we will learn about our digestive health. Part of our body that is so much affected by what we eat and which can cause serious illnesses. We will discuses their types, and foods to choose and to avoid.
We will make 3 whole-plant based, free from added oils meals.

BONUS: 21-Day Vegan Challenge + Springtime DETOX

The workshops are part of the award-winning Food For Life Program designed by physicians, nutrition experts, and registered dietitians from Physician Committee For Responsible Medicine to promote health and fight disease (prevent, survive, reverse).

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Recommendation by Dilyana Hunley who completed the Kickstart Your Health Program in February 2019:

When I started the “Kickstart Your Health” program, I was looking for some new cooking ideas and easy-to-make recipes, as I am not someone who likes to spend much time in the kitchen. This program overcame my expectations, because it is so much more than a cooking class. I was happy to learn about the advantages and the variety plant-based eating offers. Kamila made us all curious to experiment with new ingredients and sparked our creativity to take on the adventure of a healthier life style – one that my husband, who is a convinced meat-eater, was happy to adopt and try with me. Although I am thinking of myself as a very healthy person, I was surprised to discover that I unnoticeably lost 2 kg within a week, due to the new meals I introduced into my diet. My relationship to cooking and food has changed in a way that I plan and enjoy my meals more conciously and try to nurture my body with love and the nutritions I believe it deserves. I loved Kamila’s inviting approach to this plant-based experience and now, I feel more confident to make consious decisions about my health and the health of my family. Kamila is a not only a wonderful cook and a competent teacher, but also someone who kindly addresses all individual questions and doubts and puts her whole heart into what she does. I am highly recommending this program to all my friends and family and looking forward to fruther culinary retreats with Chef Kamila.



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