24 11, 2018

Minimize oils to lose weight & improve your health!

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Minimizing oils can help you shade extra weight, have cholesterol in check and protect your cardiovascular system. As you may know animal sourced oils are high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Switching them to vegetable oils is better because [...]

18 11, 2018

Warm up in an instant with this tasty chili!

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I had a real busy day today with not much free time so I decided to prepare this quick, almost-instant black bean chili. This dish is packed with antioxidants and loaded with protein, while it’s very filling and energy-boosting.  This [...]

15 05, 2016

Check out how the way you cook influence the colour of your food

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Vegetables come in n rainbow of colors, from beautiful white to vibrant green, bright orange and deep red. This is due to the presence of certain pigments in their cells. These pigments can be classified under 3 main categories: Chlorophyll [...]

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