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It was my first ever food workshop and it was fantastic experience! I went by myself, I learned a lot, I met whit a great group of people who also did not know each other. We cooked together under Kamika’s guidance and we had a nice dinner at the end of the workshop. Can’t wait to try the recipes at home.I think is so cool that everything we made all in the e-book (plus more) what I already received! Plus one extra what helps, that she shares where can You get all the ingredients.. For sure I will be back to learn more!

Dalma Csaki, Read more

It was an unforgettable, unexpected, fantastic experience with and by you!!! We all enjoyed your warm, welcoming, kind and professional personality! We will return!


I had a fantastic cooking workshop with Kamilla. She shared tips and tricks on how to cook easy, fast and delicious. Of course at the end of the workshop we tasted over 10 wonderful dish what we prepared. Highly recommend to everyone! Thank you Kamilla! It was a pleasure!

Linda Nagyhazi, Read more

As group of moms we attended the busy mom workshop. We really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I got a lot of new inspiration for healthy but very delicious meals to be cooked at home. Well done #ChefKamila! Enjoyed so much that we will attend the next workshop “Healthy sweets” next week.

Anja Grahl, Read more

Birthday of your friend or a family member is around the corner and the struggle finding the right gift is getting real? What do you buy to a person who has everything? Surprise him with a Smart Cooking Workshop. Please provide your and the gifted person’s name in the ‘Additional Information’ section at the checkout and we’ll send you the voucher via email. The gift voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

Cook once a week and eat well for 7 days

Kids, work, household chores, extracurricular activities, parents, promotions, birthdays, projects, emails, grocery shopping, friends… I get it, you’re busy. So am I! I totally understand if you have no time to plan a weekly menu and do the grocery shopping, let alone cook every day. I have good news for you: you don’t have to! I’ve developed a method called ’90 minutes once a week’ that, believe it or not, will allow you to cook only once a week and feed the family for the whole week. To top that off, you’ll only be making healthy and nutritious meals that are delicious as well. You in? Let me tell you the details.

How does this work?

My Smart Cooking Workshop (SCW from now on) is a 3-hour group workshop for the minimum of 6 and the maximum of 10 people, held in my home restaurant and cooking school where I have a beautiful, big kitchen with plenty of light and space, equipped with everything needed. The workshop is a mixture of demonstration and hands-on cooking with tons of tips, tricks, talking and tasting. We start with a 45-minute introduction to batch cooking and meal prep (the base of SCW) where I talk about the basics, how to create a meal plan, the ingredients used and I share a bunch of tips on how to reduce time spent with shopping for groceries, cooking, doing the dishes and much more.

Then we get to work! We prepare 10-14 different meals in about 90 minutes, using the same 10-15 inexpensive ingredients. Everybody is active during the class and gains a hands-on experience in batch cooking. Here comes the best part: we sit down and feast! In the last 45 minutes of the workshop we just enjoy what we’ve created, chat, have fun, discuss any questions you might have, then you roll outta here since you’re going to be so full! 🙂 You can even take home the leftovers if you’d like. After the workshop you will also receive my e-book with 19 healthy plant-based recipes, shopping lists, tips and tricks, a 7-day meal plan, the basics of the workshop and some inspiration to keep going with your new, healthier self. Sounds good?

When is the next workshop?

A few dishes we’ll be making:

Easy stir-fry


Fitness wrap

10 min pancakes

Warm Buddha bowl

Spaghetti alla Bolognese

Braised chickpeas with spinach and sun-dry tomatoes

Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

Drooling yet? 🙂 See what others say about my SCW.

Kamila's workshop was absolutely amazing. The recipes were very well explained, as well as all the details. I had an excellent and very pleasant day, and I will definitely sign up for the next workshop. I highly recommend the workshop for those who are not professional at cooking but enjoy it as a hobby."


How much does it cost?

It’s 53 EUR/person which includes all the ingredients, water and lemonade during the workshop and the eBook with all the recipes.

Can I book for only one person?

Of course! Usually, my guests book independently, however, it’s possible to book for more people or to book a private workshop.

When is the next workshop?