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5th December  2018
15000 Fts


As some of you may know I am Polish Vegan Chef living in Hungary. My workshops are known for quality service, great hospitality, generous & delicious meals and having fun 🙂

Course Details

I would like to invite you to discover and learn how to prepare Traditional Polish Christmas Dinner in my kitchen located in the center of Budapest. You will experience 3 hours of culinary journey into Polish traditional cuisine and treat yourself with a Perfect Christmas Menu during common dinner at the end of the workshop!
Polish Christmas Menu is rich in flavor, texture and colors! I have veganized all Polish traditional food by making them ethical, healthy and equally delicious.
Actually it was an easy job because so many of the meals are plant-based by themselves 🙂 The challenge was to veganize a fish but it turned out so real that my partner’s father could not believe it is not fish 🙂

Here is what you will learn and get during the workshop:

1. Borscht with ravioli / Pl: Barszcz z uszkami
2. Savory pastry/ Pl: Paszteciki
3. Fish Less Fish inspired by Carp / Pl: Karp
4. Cabbage with peas / Pl: Kapusta z grzybami
5. Loaf with walnuts / Pl: Paszetet z orzechami włoskimi
6. Kutia
7. Dried fruit compote / Kompot z suszu
8. How to prepare and store the food ahead of time to avoid hassle on the day of Christmas
9. Kitchen techniques and cooking tips
10. List of products and shops where to buy them

The workshop will include making dishes that can be cooked ahead, freezing guides and tips for how to save time in the kitchen.

This class will be a mixture of demonstration and mainly hands-on cooking with lots of tips, talking and tasting. The workshop is done in small groups, and is led by an experienced chef tutor who can answer all of your quick cooking questions. The workshop will finish by common Christmas Dinner so you can taste all of the dishes we will have made, served with soft drinks. You will receive a folder of all of the recipes made so you can recreate them at home.

If you have any questions please write me an email to kamila@chefkamila.com

About the instructor:
ChefKamila is a Polish Plant-Based Chef & Healthy Life Style Educator
Vegan food blogger:
Organizer & host of health retreats.
Owner & CEO of ChefKamila’s Vegan Cooking School, Home Restaurant and Event Service Center that represents style of living and philosophy.

ROUXBE PLANT_BASED PRO certification recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation.
Plant-Based Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

Past experience:
2018: Cook at top Vegan Napfényes restaurant in Budapest, HU
2018: Collaboration with BiOrganik.

Participant feedback:

“I participated on the Polish Christmas Dinner Workshop which was simply perfect and fantastic.Everything was well organized and Kamila was really helpful. Although I’m not vegan, I enjoyed the workshop so much, the food was really delicious and stodgy. Everybody was open-minded and intense. It was my first but not the last cooking workshop for sure. Next time I would like to try cakes and pastries. Thank you for everything.” – Andrea Vincze, December 2017

“I went to the Christmas sweet vegan workshop. It was my first time to attend such workshops.
Although I’m neither veggie nor vegetarian i loved it. The host is so kind and knowledgeable about her business and i learned wealth of information which is very useful to anybody interesting in preparing sweet regardless of his/her diet type.
Thanks so much Kamila.. Im following your events to choose my next workshop.” – Hala Alhorany, December 2017