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About the 21-day Plant-Based Reboot

Productivity, career, consumerism, profitability: the modern western civilization’s keywords. We exploit the resources of our environment and our body, often leaving them desperate and malfunctioning. Our everyday life is heavy with stress, bad eating habits, pollution and the lack of excersise, all of which can lead to chronic diseases, low energy levels and unhappiness. This program combines the benefits of my in-person 21-day plant-based reboot and the accessiblity of the Internet so you can take advantage of it anytime, anywhere.

The background of the program

The program is based on the 15 years of experience in healing and cleansing that my fiancée, Gábor Farkas, and I have. We both come from a professional background of working for demanding corporations, as well as being entrepreneurs and business owners. We both experienced health problems and burnout due to huge workloads, a fast-paced lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. At one point, we decided to develop and learn tools and methods to sustain a healthy and balanced life. It’s become our passion and life purpose to teach and inspire others to live a more conscious and healthy life. Since then, we have led several successful retreats and cleansing programs.

Every year, many people decide to join our 21-day Plant-Based Reboot and experience its life-changing results:


The participants have experienced:

Health benefits:

  • normalized blood pressure
  • optimized weight
  • increased energy levels
  • cured allergies, gastrointestinal problems and nutritional deficiencies

Physical improvements:

  • weight loss in case of overweight
  • cleared skin

Mental improvements:

Feeling rejuvenated, calm and relaxed

Lifestyle changes:

Implementing healthy eating habits into their everyday life after the program was finished.


I’ve done two retreats with Kamila so far. I train 3 times a week and I felt that it was not enough to reach the "ideal body" - I realized I had to take care of my eating habits too. Before the first retreat, I was a bit worried about my limits because I love to eat. Honestly, I was concerned what if I just can't do it. Finally, I did it and it was easier that I thought. I wasn't hungry at all, and the vegan food was delicious and enough for me. In 2017, I felt the motivation to do it again. This time, the juice fast was harder but the support of the group helped me a lot. I lost 7 kilograms and I felt much more better than before: healthy and fit. After half a year, I am still keeping my new weight, only 2 kilograms have come back.


I was eating Chef Kamila’s meals and following her dietary and lifestyle advice for three weeks, during the reboot. The dishes were plentiful, made with a high degree of creativity and they met all needs. Even today, it still is my pleasure to watch photos of the delicacies consumed during the retreat. Although, at first, I was a bit sceptical about food made without meat, egg and dairy, the replacement of these ingredients was so successful, that I missed nothing. The plant-based diet had many beneficial effects on me, both physically and mentally. I wish to incorporate plant-based food into my diet to a greater extent in the future. I whole-heartedly recommend the reboot to others to gain knowledge of a plant-based diet and to experience its positive and incomparable impact.


During the three weeks with Kamila, I enjoyed a variety of very tasty food, special flavours were introduced to me and there was absolutely no lack of anything or feeling hungry. The menu was versatile, a different kind of seasoning dominated each day, and I really enjoyed the variety of vegetables and salads. I liked the pasta dishes, soups, and, of course, at the beginning and the end of the program, the cookies! I felt full after finishing the daily menus, I wasn’t tired or hungry, I had no headaches and I didn’t have any unpleasant symptoms. During the juice fasting, I was pleasantly surprised at the taste of the beetroot juice (delicious!) and the pomegranate juice (super delicious!). Many elements of the reboot have become part of my everyday life, for example, I eat approximately 80% less bread, I do not miss cold cuts, and instead of breakfast sandwiches, a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice is enough until noon! I recommend the retreat to everyone who is eager to get acquainted with healthy eating, not only because of the beneficial physiological effects of the three-week cure (detoxification, cleansing), but I also recommend it for those who want to lose weight since as a beneficial side effect, you can lose several kilograms as well. Thank you, Kamila, I would like to take part in a similar challenge next spring as well!


I enjoyed this period very much, and I was always excited to see what was going to be the next day's menu. After finishing the meals, I felt pleasantly light instead of the well-known over-saturated and bloated feeling. In addition, I felt more energetic, fit and also lighter because I'd lost a few kilograms as well. I was immensely satisfied with the portions of food. The cakes were all delicious too. I warm-heartedly recommend Kamila and her programs to anyone who is interested in a healthy diet and lifestyle. Everyone must experience this good feeling - and Kamila can help with this.


What do you get during the online 21-day Plant-Based Reboot?

The program is divided into three sections: Whole plant-based diet, Bio juicing, Coming back. Each of them consists of a video with clear instructions on what to do & online support.

  1. Whole plant-based diet: you’ll get access to a TASTY & HEALTHY whole plant-based menu, designed for 2 x 8 days to cleanse and regenerate your body, heal inflammation & gut problems, optimize weight & increase energy levels. The menu consists of thoughtfully selected plant-based food, free from animal products, processed sugar, cholesterol and gluten. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, alkalizing ingredients, antioxidants, valuable fatty acids and easily digestible proteins. The ingredients are easily accessible and they won’t blow your budget. The meals are tasty, simple and quick to make that you will prepare in 90 minutes once a week and then make 5-10 minutes recipes every day for 2 x 8 days. As a bonus, you’ll get 25% off my online Smart Cooking Workshop where you can master batch cooking to perfection.
  2. Bio juicing: after the first 8 days of eating whole plant-based foods, you will begin 5 days of juicing/fasting/cleansing. Before you start it, you will follow clear instructions for 3 days in order to prepare your stomach for an easy transition into juicing. You will have all the input needed on what and how much to drink. Don’t worry – you won’t be hungry & you will feel good!
  3. Coming back: once the 5 days are up, you will slowly start coming back to eating whole plant-based foods again for 8 more days.

Why choose the 21-day Plant-Based Reboot?

Nowadays it is more crucial than ever to realize and utilize the benefits of cleansing. It helps your body and mind to recharge, enables rejuvenation and allows you to get back to your very best form and helps to maintain it in the long run. Your body can get rid of the inflammation, cancer cells, heavy metals and everything that hits us during the day. It is proven that prolonged time away from food is when a lot of healing happens.

How much does it cost?

The program costs 10 000 HUF/35 EUR + you get 25% off my most popular workshop’s online version: the Smart Cooking Workshop. (7 5000 HUF/25 EUR) instead of 10 000 HUF/30 EUR.

If you are located in Budapest, Hungary and would prefer personal assistance with the 21-day Plant-Based Reboot, contact me for details.

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