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Vegan wedding reception

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Let us help you celebrate your big day!

Book a fully tailored-to-your-needs vegan wedding reception for up to 16 people at our beautiful home restaurant that accommodates your dietary needs and makes your big day special.

Dazzle your guests with amazing plant-based food that is 100% unlike the usual boring vegan meals at weddings!
You will find no bland stuffed peppers, deep-fried foods and tasteless salads in our menu.
We serve mouth-watering food, offer many different meals, including appetizer, soup, main dish, and dessert.
At ChefKamila’s a salad is a side dish, not a whole menu!

A few meal ideas:

gourmet cheese plate

Mexican enchilada
with pilaf & salad

Carrot cream soup
with toasted almonds

Banana brownie with vanilla icecream

Polish dumplings

Purified water, lemonade,
organic fruit teas

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