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Vegan Sunday Brunch

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Sun,18th Apr. 2018
8000 Fts


We love to host Vegan Sunday Brunch in our home restaurant in the center of Budapest.
The atmosphere, the food and wonderful guests always leave us with great memories and energy for the upcoming week!  This is a special event that makes you feel relaxed, opens you up to new culinary experience and connects to new people.

The menu:

1.       Cheese plate with toasts & tabbouleh salad

2.       Roasted cauliflower cream soup

3.       Enchiladas with rice pilaf

4.       Flour less brownie with ice-cream or surprise dessert

5.       Tea & Lemonade

*All the dishes are 100% vegan, done from quality ingredients and purified water. We don’t use any animal products, they are egg, lactose, and dairy free.  Our focus is on high quality and whole plant-based food! The menu can be adapted to no-oil, gluten-sensitivity, lactose or sugar intolerance;

We are visited by open minded people that are new to veganism and also by those who live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle already. We are known for quality service, great hospitality, generous & delicious meals and having fun 😊

This special occasion happens only once a month!

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Participant feedback:

“Kamila makes delish vegan dishes – I highly recommend her yellow cheese!” – Kristóf Joseph Steiner

“I had the luck to try Kamila’s vegan delights in her home-restaurant. The food was amazing, the raw cheeses took us to vegan paradise. We received a proper explanation before every course, and had a lovely conversation after the dinner. I would highly suggest you to try this unusual experience!” – Dorka

“I had a chance to attempt at her vegan brunch which was super nice. Filled with a big variety of delicious food and great conversation. She is a wonderful chef and I still regularly make her chickpea omelets and cheese sauce ever since 🙂 Delish!”

“Kamila cooked the most amazing vegan dinner I ever had. I can’t decide if I liked most the tartar sauce or the raw vegan cake. Thanks a lot Kamila for everything, and wish you the best! Even if you are not vegan, it worth tasting her gastronomical magic!” – Kitti



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