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Booking a Tea Party

Send us the date & the number of people you would like to make the booking for.


Tea Party with healthy sweets is an excellent event for:

Charity Groups for discussing current and future projects, integrating with new members, celebrating achievements;

FB Closed Groups for connecting in real time and space, having fun and making friends;

Friends & colleagues for catching up over a cup of tea in a private dining room rather than a noisy cafe or crowded pub;

The event is organized in ChefKamila’s private dinning/ home restaurant in the center of Budapest. It is exclusively prepared and booked for you and your friends/ colleagues. You just have to show up and the rest will be taken care of for you!

What does the event include?
Selection of 3 to 4 types of healthy and yummy sweets
Selection of BIO teas & soft drinks
Dining room booked for 4 hours only for you & your friends
There is a possibility for movie watching and giving a presentation on a brand new TV available for this purposes
You can bring board games, or other artistic activities if you wish.

How many people can participate?
The program can be booked for a minimum of 6 maximum of 12 people.

What is the price:
5500 HUF/ person

About the private dining:

The atmosphere, the food and wonderful guests always leave us with great memories and motivation to keep up high quality standards of the food and customer service!

Our place makes you feel relaxed, opens you up to new culinary experience and connects to people.

*All the dishes are 100% vegan, done from quality ingredients and purified water. We don’t use any animal products, they are egg, lactose, and dairy free.  Our focus is on high quality and whole plant-based food! The menu can be adapted to no-oil, gluten-sensitivity, lactose or sugar intolerance;


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