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How to cook once & feed yourself well for a week – Part I


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17 000 HUF/person

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Healthy meals in no time.
How to cook only once and feed yourself well for a week.

Are you tired of cooking & never ending dishes to clean?
Would you like to prepare healthy and delicious meals for your family with a blink of an eye?
Wanna have easy & tasty lunch box for the office every day?

In this workshop you will learn a good method that makes it possible!

Course Details

Based on my professional plant-based culinary experience I teach, cook and share with you practical knowledge on how to cook only once and feed yourself effectively for a week. This is based on “90 minutes, once a week” method and know-how on preparing and storing the ingredients in a way they keep fresh!

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Thanks to this workshop you will:

  • Cook and shop once a week and eat well for the whole week

  • Reduce cleaning dishes and time spent in the kitchen to a minimum

  • Eat healthy and nutritious meals

  • Turn the same, inexpensive and healthy ingredients into 9 different meals which take less than 10 minutes to make.

  • Save money.

  • Waste less food.

At the end of the workshop you will get:

  • ChefKamila’s e-book with a guideline to your healthy and tasty life with a shopping list, instruction for 90 minutes of preparation, a meal plan with recipes for the 1st week that you learnt during the workshop, and a meal plan challenge for week 2 with inspirations to help you keep up the healthy habits.

  • Exclusive access to ChefKamila’s Facebook members group where we support and help each other to achieve and adhere to our goals.

  • Gift coupon for the next course.

This 3 hours class will be a mixture of demonstration and hands on cooking with lots of tips, talking and tasting. The workshop is done in a  group of 8 people, and is led by an experienced chef tutor who can answer all of your quick cooking questions.The workshop will end with a common meal so you can taste all of the dishes we will have made. If you have any questions please write me an email to

About the instructor:
ChefKamila is a Polish Plant-Based Chef & Healthy Life Style Educator
Vegan food blogger:
Organizer & host of health retreats.
Owner & CEO of ChefKamila’s Vegan Cooking School, Home Restaurant and Event Service Center that represents style of living and philosophy.

ROUXBE PLANT_BASED PRO certification recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation.
Plant-Based Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

Past experience:
2017: Cook at Vegan Napfényes restaurant in Budapest, HU
2017: Collaboration with BiOrganik.

Participant feedback:

“This workshop is life changing! Thank you Kamila for great presentation, amazing recipes and sharing this knowledge with others! Highly recommended” – Karina

“Amazing experience. Will definitely apply what I have learned in my cooking ” –  Gabor

“The workshop provided by Kamila was absolutely amazing. The recipes were very well explained as all the details needed. I have an excellent and very pleasant day, and I will definitely apply for the next workshop. The course is recommended even for those ones who are not professional at cooking, but enjoy this as a hobby.” -Larissa