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Culinary discovery of Budapest

Are you planning a trip to Budapest, or moving here, and would like to discover the city through eyes of a true local?
Seven years ago, I arrived here as a curious foreigner too, not knowing anyone or anything. I understand how it can feel exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Today, I consider myself ‘a local’ enjoying the everyday life in this beautiful city.

It took me some time but now I not only know all the main attractions, and great vegan eateries, but also those little hidden gems that only locals know. Book your Budapest discovery trip with me, and relax and enjoy your stay, great food included.

I will host you and serve you fresh vegan cuisine, right at my home restaurant.

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From Culinary Experience You may choose from *:

Breakfast by ChefKamila
-Fresh juice or piña colada smoothie
– Scrumble tofu with spinach or omelette with sun dried tomatoes
– Fresh scones or pancakes
– Soft drinks

Lunch by ChefKamila
– Appetizer: cheese plate
– Soup: Hungarian goulash
– Main: Veggie burger
– Flowerless brownie with vanilla ice cream
– Tea & Lemonade

Hungarian Cooking Course by ChefKamila
– Goulash soup
– Lecso
– Rakot krumpli
– Retes

Discovering Vegan Restaurants in Budapest:
– Smoothie & Juice bar
– Artisan bakery
– Hungarian Cuisine resraurant
– Raw cakes caffee
– Best veggie burgers in town

*All the dishes are 100% vegan, done from quality ingredients and purified water. We don’t use any animal products, they are egg, lactose, and dairy free.  Our focus is on high quality and whole plant based food! The menu can be adapted to no-oil, gluten-sensitivity, lactose or sugar intolerance;

We will stroll around main attractions to cross them off your bucket list and discover new places. Who knows, maybe they will become your favourites!

Think of me as a friend with a positive energy and not a traditional guide! If this resonates with you send me an email, so I can customize my program to your needs!