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Batch Cooking Workshop – Part II


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Available Dates:
Mon, 3rd Apr. 2018, 10:00 – 13:00
Thu, 24th April 2018, 17:30-20:30
15 000 Fts


This workshop is a continuation of our series:
„How to cook once & feed yourself well for a week”

Course Details

In part I “Healthy meals in no time. Cook once and eat well for a week” you have learned the importance of batch cooking, the concept of “90 minutes, once a week” and how to perform 6 types of meals within 10 minutes. In part II of „The batch cooking ” you will learn the basics that will help you to execute what you have learned so far. It will cover the knowledge on:

  •  How to properly buy, store and  prepare whole grains (such us: rice, millet, bulgur, oats;) & dried legumes (such as: different types of beans and lentils;). How to cook them (4 cooking methods: simmering, boiling, pilaf, risotto) and store once cooked.

  • How to clean, dry and store leafy greens  & fresh herbs to keep them fresh and fragrant through the week.

This is practical course. It is not only about correct ratio between grains or legumes and water, the timing and seasoning. It is a lot about meal inspiration and stretching your meals through the week.

We will make risotto, known for its creaminess and Italian origins. And also pilaf that is famous in India and in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Who can apply?

Everybody is welcome and it is very much advised for those who have attended „Healthy meals in no time. How to cook once & feed yourself well for a week” part I workshop.

If you have any questions please write me an email to

About the instructor:
ChefKamila is a Polish Plant-Based Chef & Healthy Life Style Educator
Vegan food blogger:
Organizer & host of health retreats.
Owner & CEO of ChefKamila’s Vegan Cooking School, Home Restaurant and Event Service Center that represents style of living and philosophy.

ROUXBE PLANT_BASED PRO certification recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation.
Trained by world-renowned Chef Chad Sarno.

Past experience:
Cook/helper at Vegan Napfényes restaurant in Budapest, HU
Collaboration with BiOrganik (Distributor and wholesaler of fully vegan, mainly bio foods, raw ingredients.) We created & executed the vegan summer grilling video series.

Participant feedback:

“Kamila’s Pierogi worshop was outstanding. Clear, easy to follow instructions; she also had many things prepared in advance to make the most out of our time. The collective preparation and cooking of the food was a lovely experience. Very unique way of spending a Saturday morning, meeting people, and learning how to cook a delicious and healthy dish. All the group was very satisfied with the results! Thanks Kamila, I’m looking forward to the next one and would certainly recommend it to everybody.” – Ana

“It was great craic. I got all the food and all the fun one could wish for on a Saturday morning. thank you!” – Jack

“The workshop provided by Kamila was absolutely amazing. The recipes were very well explained as all the details needed. I have an excellent and very pleasant day, and I will definitely apply for the next workshop. The course is recommended even for those ones who are not professional at cooking, but enjoy this as a hobby.” -Larissa



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