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ChefKamila’s Events Are A Perfect Mix Of Passion, Skills and Experience!

Life Experience


I graduated Professional Plant Based Certification Course (2015) with the Rouxbe Cooking School. Since then I have organized and cater 6 cleansing retreats with plant-based menu free from gluten and sugar, enriched by BIO juices and herbal teas which has ultimately assisted me in helping numerous individuals lose weight and improve their overall health. Food, for me, entails preparing a great meal tailored at nourishing our bodies. It makes me extremely delighted knowing how to create highly nutritious meals to feed both myself, my family and my loved ones. However, what joy is to be derived from a knowledge you can’t share?!

Consequently, I have created and delivered a number of cooking workshops about:

Many of my free recipes are available on my YT channel and also here on the website @chefkamila

From early 2017, I am part of a cooking team in the a la cart Napfenyes vegan restaurant in Budapest: I also co-created vegan cooking videos with one of the biggest and oldest producer of healthy and vegan products in Hungary:

With a perfect blend of my experience, skills, passion and expertise, I founded and created the ChefKamila’s Event Services in Budapest including: Cooking Workshops, Home Restaurant, Culinary Holidays, Beauty Mind Hen Parties and Vegan Kid’s Birthday Party.


I have a master degree in Marketing & Business Development in tourism. And right from the start of my professional career, my excellent communication and organization skills had always been on display. Still as a student, I organized entertainment events in a 4* Hotel in Crete, Greece. In my professional career I have been a luxury wedding planner and organizer, Account Manager and just before I took the bold step to follow my passion of being a vegan cook, I’ve successfully organized dozens of workshops and events for high ranked managers across the globe in IBM.

Running my own business under ChefKamila’s Event Services allow me to use my professional background to organize health conscious events that I am so passionate about!


Throughout my life I have had only one major question. What is the purpose of my life here on earth? As I did not know the answer to this question until my thirties I flow through life by being a curious person. I traveled, met interesting people, and changed jobs. I made many mistakes on the way but they made me stronger and brought me closer to what I know now as my life passion. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to help animals and people and save the world. Luckily a wise woman once told me that in order to help others you have to help yourself first. However, I had no idea what that meant until I began to heal my life’s wounds through self-development (which I truly believe will last until the end of my life). And now the goal is to prove absolute worthiness of the life I have been given and touch as many living beings with love and positive energy as I can.

And what better way can I achieve this than offering what I hold most dearly? – My passion, love, expertise and life!

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