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My background

I started my life with an idea that I will be working in tourism industry. I have loved travelling and meeting new people. I did my master degree in business management & marketing. Learnt about tourism industry in my scholarship in Netherlands and internship in Crete. I got my first job at Sheraton 5* hotel in Warsaw, Poland. I changed it to being a luxury wedding planner which was more creative and exciting to my previous job. I loved it but I did not feel satisfied. I moved abroad, first to Romania and then Budapest, Hungary. I fall in love with Hero Square and then after few years with my current Hungarian fiancé Gabor. I got a job in IBM as an event manager, organizing workshops & events for top managers around the globe. Again, I loved the job but was not quite happy in my heart and soul.

Becoming vegan chef & educator

My life changed in May 2014 when Gabor decided to go vegan with gluten and sugar free diet due to health issues. I joined him because of ethical reasons (a horrifying way animal are raised and killed). It was a big jump! I did not have any interest in cooking and from standard western diet we moved to vegeterian for a month and then whole plant-based foods/vegan overnight. We are both food lovers so there was no way of eating steam or grilled vegetables only. At this point my journey as vegan chef started.  I certified as plan-based chef and my passion towards healthy and compassionate living turned into full time job. I did cooking videos on my YT channel for a year, then worked in a top vegan restaurant in Hungary, called Napfenyes, to realize that my heart and real-life purpose is in educating adults and children about all the beauty that plant-based foods have to offer. I mean health benefits, being conscious consumer by understanding how our everyday food choices influence the nature and animals. Considering the sky rocking chronic diseases and environmental problems that we are facing nowadays I find that this awareness is very much needed in our society.


To fulfill my dream, I opened my business under ChefKamila’s brand in 2018. This includes vegan cooking school for home cooks and vegan home restaurant. It is a space where I can share with others my love for teaching, cooking and event planning.  The cooking school offers variety of classes, from knife skills to mother & daughter cooking along, easy vegan – how to start, how to cook seasonally and healthy sweets for children.  People who are not interested in learning how to cook themselves can join one of my vegan Sunday brunches or book a table for 12 for any occasions and participate in new culinary experience. I really understand people who does not want to cook as I was once one of them 😀 I am a living example that this can change once you decide to eat good food and be healthy at the same time.

Who joins my events?

My main customers are meat eaters who would like to eat healthier, vegetarians wanting to be vegan, moms learning to cook only 90 minutes and eat well for the whole week, and children themselves who are so eager to learn about foods and happy to cook along. Are you one of them?
One of my vegan dinner has been attended by celebrity Kristof Steiner and Kinga from TunkiTunki.

Charity work

Since 2014 when my journey started I have done non-profit work in a form of 21 days health program for adults and healthy workshops for children in troubled families hold in public libraries in Veszprem. And gave lecture on healthy eating. If you have any ideas about it I am happy to discuss them.

ChefKamila’s certificates: 

ROUXBE PLANT_BASED PRO certification recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation, 2015
Plant-Based Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, 2018
Food For Life Instructor by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, 2018

Who is ChefKamila?

“More than a chef, Kamila is someone who has transformed her values ​​and dreams into a profession. through cooking she teaches everyone, regardless of the level of knowledge and food preferences, that it is possible to create tasty recipes with healthy products, breaking stereotypes that vegan foods are not rich, beautiful or delicious.” – Larissa

“Kamila is an awsome cook who tougth me that vegan food can be super delicious. She has such an ability to transform and create delicious recipes!” – Bruna

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